Welcome to my Iron Maiden audio bootlegs trading website.

My name is Christian, I live in Germany.

Iron Maiden bootleg collectors know me as Dr. Demonic.


If you want to trade with me, please take a look at my list. If you have a show or version that I have not listed, please send me an email, let me know about it and tell me what you are interested in. Please do not send me your list for me to check it, you should know if you have anything to trade or not.


I am only interested in lossless Iron Maiden audio bootlegs (no lossy stuff like MP3, no videos, no other bands).

But if you have a DVD or BluRay with lossless audio of a Maiden show that I don't have as an audio recording, I might be interested, so I can rip the audio.


Please read my trading rules.

Trading status: ACTIVE

Last website update: November 30th 2018